10th Conference of the African Evaluation Association

AfrEA is inviting its friends and interested organizations to partner in the preparation and conduct of the 10th AfrEA conference. The conference is an international brand where all involved can share their knowledge products and practices at low cost and in a friendly environment. The conference offers professional learning opportunities, provides a platform for disseminating published work and new innovative ideas and gives space for collaborations and networking. The evaluation culture and practice is likely to grow in the host country and participating VOPEs. Other partners can sponsor students to improve their knowledge base as a public good.

Partnerships will focus on promoting physical or virtual operations and participation of all participants and key stakeholders. Early bird and later registration fees will be introduced to aid funding the operations of the conference. Partnership options include:

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Non-financial contribution A partner can facilitate or co-facilitate a strand, including organization of review of abstract submissions and moderation of strand session during the conference.
Non-targeted financial contribution Funds will be used towards overall conference expenses, including hire of venue, fees for virtual platforms, service of conference organizer, simultaneous translation, strengthening operations of AfrEA Secretariat as a coordinating entity, other administrative costs as well as covering travel expense of key-note speakers as necessary.
Bursaries for conference attendees Given the high cost of transportation and accommodation, bursaries are important to ensure participation of evaluators who don’t have sufficient means, especially young people, representatives from VOPEs, Conference Organisers. A partner may contribute to a pooled conference bursaries fund as well as identify a specific category of attendees to be supported.
Bursaries for pre-conference workshops presenters A number of facilitators usually provide workshop and trainings prior to conference, majority of them requires financial support to cover costs of transport and meals and accommodation.
Strand sponsorship Strand sponsorship involves both non-financial and financial contribution. The sponsor takes responsibility for refining the strand theme, review submissions and preparing the strand programme that may include pre-conference workshops, sessions and side events to promoted networking between interested participants. A sponsor shall contribute towards overall conference expenses and cover necessary expenses for key resource people for the strand. A sponsor is encouraged to offer bursaries for strand presenters. A sponsor also shall contribute towards promotion of the strand to the potential participants.